Thursday, June 25, 2015

Out of shape fella chases Elite

At the SPF Luck of the Irish powerlifting meet on 3/14/15, I weighed in at a paltry 301 and change.  I readjusted my lever belt out another notch and squeezed into a singlet that was too big for me when I bought it weighing 242 a few years back.  I looked like a tan Paul Bearer, and I lifted like him too.

660... miss : (

But in looking at the lifters classification after the meet, I realized that I was in shooting distance of Elite at 275.  Now, in the SPF, "elite" is only 1654.  That would have pretty much been a perfect meet for me at 300#'s last March.

Since then, I've continued to keep an accurate and detailed log in the Scourge of Iron FB group detailing my "off season" lifting.  Really, it's just a bunch of bicep curls and band pull a parts.  But somewhere in there I pulled a small DL pr and reached new heights squatting in rehbands, with a 45# pr.

I also brought cardio back, running my first mile in a long time in 11:00 at 300#'s.  Sled drags also made a comeback.  I'm hitting McDonalds less frequently and with less ferocity now too.

At the same time, I managed to drop a few pounds here and there, last weighing about 285 a few days ago.  Bench has taken a hit though, so keeping an eye on these numbers has been ever changing and challenging.  Apparently tit's don't take too kindly to calorie reductions OR vegetables.

And, there's no rush.  I don't want to break my ass to get it done in the fall or winter if I'm not truly ready.  It's for fun after all, the last thing I want to do is to make this lifting thing into a second job while I sweat a miserable amount just to make weight.

But I AM passionate at the same time, or else I'd sweat this much doing something more productive with my time and energy.

The breakdown looks like:
SQ 650
BP 400
TOTAL 1655

Although the actual breakdown may differ, those are the goals, and I've done all of those numbers at least once each.

I hope to get this done in December of this year, but only because I think it's attainable without a numb skulled water drop. I'll keep the log and updates coming.  Until then, enjoy the following picture of me tearing ass so bad that I screamed:

Let's get sum!

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